VA-VA-VOOM HALTER gender-fluid men's swim bodysuit

Pavel - Behind the Seams

Born in Slovakia, my journey led me unexpectedly to the sun-soaked shores of Australia. The serendipitous arrival was an immediate love affair with the rich tapestry of cultures and vibrant diversity. Holding a degree in Economics, I navigated the corporate mazes with aplomb for over two decades. But fashion and crafting clothes always held a special place in my heart, a passion ignited by my mother, who taught me the art of sewing. Being full-figured added to the frustrations of limited, non-inclusive fashion options. These personal pain points soon turned into a passionate pursuit. Enter Plum & Vibe in late 2022, my brainchild, born from countless hours adjusting women's clothing and a desire for more inclusive options. Plum & Vibe is a clarion call celebrating individuality, inclusivity, and the power of self-expression.

Plum & Vibe gender-fluid men's swim bodysuit

Plum & Vibe

Liberating, expressive, and daringly challenging fashion norms, our mens bodysuits aren't just garments – they're a statement. By redefining traditional menswear, Plum & Vibe blurs the boundaries of gender conformity, allowing every wearer to celebrate the freedom of self-expression. Each bodysuit, crafted meticulously from premium swimwear materials, delivers more than comfort – it empowers. Whether on the streets, at parties, gracing runways, or lounging by the pool, our designs embrace the powerful concept of individuality.


As Plum & Vibe takes its first steps into the world, I am reminded that no journey is a solitary one. My adventure has been and continues to be imbued with the love and support of many remarkable individuals to whom I owe a debt of gratitude.

To my partner, my friends, and family – both biological and chosen – your encouragement and understanding have been the wind beneath Plum & Vibe's wings. A heartfelt thank you to Techstyle Studio; your talent and precision have been instrumental in transforming my vision into tangible expressions of style and comfort. Slickweb, your creativity has given Plum & Vibe a face that reflects our core values and spirit. The Ecommerce Tribe, your wizardry has been invaluable, guiding me through the digital tapestry. Hamish Wilson, your photography has captured the essence of our garments, telling a story in every frame. To models Sione and Fuzz, whose fabulousness in front of the camera brought the garments to life, embodying the vibe with every pose.

Each of you has played a pivotal role in this journey, and for that, I am eternally grateful.